I was very depressed after my stint as a juror when I went to see Anita. She was wonderful, immediately homing in on exactly what I needed. She was so supportive and so able to help me- I wish I’d met her 20 years ago! She seems to know just what to say to a person suffering from trauma, in such a loving and clear way.


I am a much better and happier person today and I can say 100% that this is as a result of the wonderful caring assistance that Stephen has given me. I would encourage you to take that step forward and accept his compassionate wisdom in helping you reach the happiness and strength you deserve.


My journey home both physically and metaphorically, was full of challenges which I realised I needed help with. From the moment I met Anita at Heartlinks I discovered she was not only professional but also capable of connecting on a deeply compassionate, personal level. My healing was achieved in the safest most nurturing environment I could have hoped for. Anita was incredibly encouraging, supportive, patient, empathetic and intuitive. At times I was astounded at her ability to do or say the right thing to connect with me and help me move through challenging issues. I loved the way Anita would engage with my inner child and I enjoyed her wonderful sense of humour and play. I felt incredibly safe and valued at all times and knew that Anita was beside me at every step of my journey. The work was often hard but every step forward was always acknowledged and celebrated by Anita. Somehow Anita managed to create the balance of being totally professional and at the same time it felt like she was my friend. The strong, healthy, happy, confident person I am today is due to the work I did guided by Anita with her amazing talent and wisdom. I know that with the skills Anita taught me I can keep growing and changing and I now welcome and embrace those emotions and feelings that I had avoided for so long.