What is Counselling?
When you think about contacting a counsellor, you probably want to tell someone about something that is happening in your life. Something you cannot tell your partner, friends, family members, or employer. You may need a ‘neutral person’, who will provide a safe place where you can talk. A person who will listen, hear and respect what you have to say, without judging.
In being heard you will probably feel some relief, because the person acknowledges and empathises with how it is for you. This is a human need and when it occurs you may feel easier, more confident about talking it through. In this way you might notice things you were not aware of and gain some clarity about the situation you are in, and maybe how it arose? Together you can find ways or solutions, even insights into how to manage and live your life more effectively, confidently or satisfyingly.
When you contact me we will arrange an appointment time that suits you. When you arrive I will welcome you and will invite you to tell me what is happening ... I will listen with an empathic heart and will attempt to connect what you are saying with what you need or to what you value. I will assist you to find effective and satisfying ways to fulfil these needs and/or to give expression to what you value in your life.
Stephen May
HeartLinks Counsellor
My counselling fees are from $90 to $120 and are negotiable depending on income. I have a fee for beneficiaries of $80