Couple Therapy


Transforming despair through Repair Therapy            


Are you feeling despairing, disappointed, frustrated, resentful, sad, or lonely in your relationship / marriage?


These are signs that your needs for connection, understanding, acknowledgement or intimacy are not being met.


In situations like this it is common to be thinking of separating or looking outside the relationship to get these needs met.

However, we highly recommend seeking Repair Therapy in order to repair your relationship/marriage.


As experienced couple therapists we, Anita Wacker & Stephen May, work together when using this therapeutic method of re-pairing. With a male and female therapist present in the room with you, we provide a unique blend of safety, balance and empathy so that your views and experiences can be heard and understood by the other. In this way we facilitate communication between you, which leads to mutual empathy, respect, appreciation and renewed intimacy. 


  • Repair Therapy is usually so effective that it can be short term.                                                                                                    
  • Repair Therapy fees are from $210 to $250 per session.                                                      
  • To make an appointment please contact us and mention Repair Therapy