What is Art Therapy / Art Psychotherapy


I have been an Art Therapist since 1982 and an Art Psychotherapist since 1992.

I am convinced that we are all creative beings. However, our innate creativity might have been stifled somewhere along the way, possibly when we learnt about 'right and wrong' and began to judge ourselves and our creative expressions. Observing 'innocent children' in their creative play we can see they are naturally 'in the present moment' and absorbed in their creative expression experiencing excitement and frustration when solving problems and having fun. The Art therapy process is very much like this.





Art Psychotherapy - Creatively healing the Soul with Colour and Form

Art Psychotherapy attends to deep, long-standing issues and is similar to the process of psychotherapy, the 'talking cure'. However, here creative expression is the primary way of communication, which actually means that 'creating is the cure' - which is very handy when your intention is to re-create your life. 


I am a skilled and very experienced art psycotherapist even with people who are a bit timid or too shy to express themselves creatively. No need to worry about the how to -  just come along and I will be alongside you while you explore and experience how creative expression with colour, shapes and symbols:

  • ... has a direct therapeutic effect
  • ... is an amazing non-verbal way of communicating
  • ... is exciting and empowering
  • ... liberates energy and creativity
  • ... enables balancing polarising aspects
  • ... transforms depression into expression
  • ... enables destructive aspects to be transformed into creative ones
  • ... creates opportunities for personal change and growth 
  • ... taps into the unconscious and therefore is very powerful and effective
  • ... increases awareness by seeing 'the bigger picture'
  • ... enables re-creating yourself and your life
  • ... enables imagining / creating new, healthy neural pathways in the brain




Anita Wacker

HeartLinks - Art Psychotherapist

Art psychotherapy fees are $100 to $150 negotiable and depending on income.